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Meet Ursula Grobler

Ursula_Grobler_carrying.jpgMy name is Ursula Grobler. I’m 31 years old and living in Seattle, WA. I am a dream-believer who came to the sport of rowing at a very late age. At 26 I started rowing and seized the chance to pursue a life-long dream to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. I believed against all odds that it’s never too late to make my dream come true. With hard work, passion and determination I  trained for that medal stand. Unfortunately I missed qualifying for the London Olympics by 100th of a second. I mentally regrouped and set  my sights on the World Championships. Becoming a world champion would be a great honor and I won the U.S. trials! So I will be in Bulgaria for the World Championships representing the USA in the lightweight women's single scull.

On my health and athletic journey, I have developed a strong interest in food and nutrition. I’m following a paleo-diet which means free of all grains, dairy and legumes. This change in ingredients also meant a change in lifestyle as well as the benefits of eating from your local agrarian community. I call it, EAT REALFOOD! Or The NOW brand follows with this ethos because all the ingredients are REAL! With all I have learned and experienced, I want to not only be an inspiration to all female athletes, while debunking the myth that you have to be young to excel in sport, but also to address the eating disorders plaguing so many girls. I want to share my story and encourage a lifestyle to all women searching for a better quality of life and a better body self image. Being a NOW Ambassador allows me the opportunity to reach more young women by being an inspiration and role model through my dedication, attitude and passion. With rowing as my tool, I'm searching for the pursuit of excellence, reaching maximum potential and with healthy lifestyle choices, inspiring all female athletes to be the absolute best they can be! I already aspire to do that online at I'm excited to write a book on this very topic as I chronicle my journey of training for the Olympics and fueling my body.

Since I started on my athletic journey to being the best I can be and became more aware of my training nutrition I turned to NOW products. I had to have the cleanest supplementation available. I am drug tested at every competition and the ban from rowing is for life, so I read the labels and do my research meticulously. It was crucial to me to be sure the brand I use was clean and a fit with my paleo lifestyle and found NOW supplements to be the best. It is stated clearly on the label what is in each supplement and most are without soy or dairy. I was super happy about how clean all the ingredients were - my main concerns were about containing soy, or wheat, or corn, or anything else weird and hidden, like aluminum. I started building up a strong trust in NOW products so that every time I'm asked to submit my supplement list for USADA (USA Drug Association) I feel confident that nothing is in my body that would be illegal or an unknown substance.Ursula_Grobler_rowing.jpg The bottom line is NOW has helped me win because I clear all drug tests and I’m able to follow my diet by not having to compromise with my supplements. With NOW I know I am not getting any unnecessary added ingredients and I get all the benefits of the supplements I'm taking. I can recommend NOW to other fellow athletes with confidence, and have a keen passion to continue with sports nutrition training after my rowing endeavors. I have also been using the NOW University site to gain valuable nutritional and supplement knowledge. It’s just all adding together and its great to be a NOW Ambassador supporting a company whose products I use and trust!

These NOW Supplements are my Staples and a key part of my training regimen: Phosphatidyl Serine, Super Enzymes, Eggwhite Protein Vanilla Crème, Branched Chain Amino Acids, L-Glutamine, CLA Extreme®, Vitamin D-3 5,000, Borage Oil 1000 mg (Highest GLA Concentration), Calcium & Magnesium, Melatonin 3 mg Chewable and ZMA® Anabolic Sports Recovery*

The following NOW products I use as Special Treat Items: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Non GE; Avocado Oil; Almond Flour; Brazil Nuts, Raw; Nutmeg Oil; Raw Energy Nut Mix, Unsalted.

Here are some of my athletic achievements: • 2010 World Record Holder of the Ergometer for Lightweight Women • 2010 Gold Medal at the World Cup in Slovenia for the Lightweight Women Double Sculls • 2010 Silver Medal at the World Champs in New Zealand for the Lightweight Women Quadruple Sculls • 2009 Winner of the Open Women Head of the Charles Regatta • 2009 Grand Columbian Olympic Triathlon -1st Overall Female • Placed 3rd at the All-African Junior Triathlon Championships • Ran track competitively in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m