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Meet Rich Hurd

Rich Hurd*

ambass_rich_hurd_smile.jpgEver since I started doing triathlons seven years ago my goal has been to stay competitive.  As a father, husband and committed endurance athlete I have come to realize that the older you get and the less time you have to train, the harder it is to accomplish your goals. You need to make every workout count. No wasted miles. One thing you hope comes with age is experience and intelligence. Knowing what works and how to train smart.

Another thing I have come to accept is that at 45 my body doesn't bounce back from the long hard workout like it used to. A key component that I have added to my training program over the last three years has been supplementation. There are so many choices when it comes to supplements, and I really had to sift through propaganda and focus on the research. That's why I chose NOW Sports. They are a company you can believe in and trust.

I break down my nutrition into two categories, active and recovery. One key ingredient that I feel has had an impact on my training is NOW Ribose. I add 5 grams of it to my bottles before each ride and on a run of 5 miles or more. Not only does it keep my energy levels up without having a stimulant effect, but it protects and helps my heart recover from the high intensity training I put my body through on a daily basis.

My one-two punch for recovery is NOW Glutamine and NOW ZMA. I take at least 8 grams at night and will take up to 15 after a hard workout or race. You can’t make any progress in your training if you don’t allow your body to recover and adapt to the increased work load.

*NOW sponsors and provides financial support for Rich Hurd for his triathlon competitions.