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Meet Darvis "Doc" Patton

ambass_Doc_Patton_resting.jpgHi, my name is Darvis “Doc” Patton, and I’m a 34 year-old world-class sprinter representing the United States. I’m a two-time Olympian, World and U.S. champion athlete, and I recently qualified for my seventh international team after 11 years of competing professionally. My 100 meter and 200 meter personal records (9.89/20.03 respectively) are among the fastest times in the world. In addition to training and competing, I’m a proud member of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), and I serve as a guest speaker during BBBS fundraising events.

Even though I’m a world-class athlete, I haven’t always believed in supplements, and never used them until I met my current strength coach, Erick Minor. Erick strongly encouraged me to begin a comprehensive dietary supplement regimen to complement my workouts and weight-lifting program to maximize my results. It soon became clear to me that a strong supplement program was what I’d been missing. Since then, NOW supplements have become an integral part of my overall fitness regimen, specifically where recovery is concerned. Because I regularly compete against athletes who are 5-10 years younger than me, recovery is of the utmost importance to me – especially when competing in rounds for national, world, and Olympic championships – where every millisecond makes a difference. NOW supplements also played a role in my recovery after I had surgery to repair a sports hernia in 2010. Sports hernias can take a long time to fully heal, but exactly one year later I was competing without issue at the U.S.A. Outdoor Track Competition in Eugene, Oregon.


ambass_Doc_Patton_post_run.jpgThe quality and affordability of NOW products make them easy to use, and I can also rest easy knowing that the purity of NOW supplements can withstand the rigorous standards set forth by the United States and World Anti-Doping Associations.

I’ve been using NOW supplements for 3 years and regularly take Beta Alanine, Whey Protein Isolate, Liquid L-Carnitine, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, Carbo Gain, and ADAM Men’s Multi. I really like Beta-Alanine because it really helps me overcome muscle fatigue.

I recommend NOW supplements to the semi-professional and professional athletes who attend my SPEED Camps and rely on me for advice on ways to improve their overall speed, agility, and running technique. I also recommend NOW products to the active adults and former athletes who attend my Track Style Fitness camp sessions, which are modeled after my own fitness regimen. My passion for athletic competition, physical fitness, and my visibility as a world-class Olympic athlete make me an ideal Ambassador for NOW. I believe in the quality, potency, and purity of NOW products, and it’s good to know that they have everything I need to train effectively. After all, when your body is your bread and butter, you have to take care of it, and NOW Foods is helping me do just that.