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Meet Jessica Ellis

I’m Jessica Ellis a 25 year old nursing student and NPC Bikini Competitor from Ohio. To keep fit I like to participate in a variety of activities such as Krav Maga (a self-defense system involving intense training), Cross fit, snowboarding, boating, swimming, rock climbing and flag football, These are in addition to the weight lifting and cardio programs I do to prepare for a competition.

I started taking NOW supplements when I started training for my first bodybuilding competition. At first I didn't know anything about supplements and I first tried NOW products from an internet source because they were less expensive and the products got great reviews. When I began to run out of supplements I starting buying NOW at a local supplement shop that promised to price match internet prices. The guy at the store assured me that NOW supplements were the best on the market. I have gotten great results with NOW so I’ve stuck with them and haven't used anything else. The NOW products that I use include: Biotin, 7-Keto, Relora, Kelp, L-tyrosine, St. Johns Wort, Vitamin B 12, Melatonin, Flax seeds, Vitamin C-500, L-Glutamine, and Dandelion Root. My body is a direct reflection of what goes in it, so it was important to me that the NOW products are 100% natural.

To become a bikini competitor, I lost 20 lbs over the course of 6 months. My grandfather died 3 weeks before my first show. It was very difficult to stay on my program while traveling and grieving. I was able to get through it because I knew that my grandfather wanted me to achieve greatness in everything that I tried. He was never one to settle for less than 100%. I have now competed in two bikini competitions. I placed 4th in the Ohio Championships and 3rd in the Mid Atlantic Championships. I have qualified for nationals and have an opportunity to compete for my pro card and become a professional athlete. I owe it all to hard work, diet and my high-quality NOW supplements.

Since I use only NOW products I plan to get the word out about NOW on my website and facebook page. When asked what type of supplements I use I enjoy telling friends, family, fans, and fellow competitors about how NOW products have been essential in my success.