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Meet Christian Seeley

I’m Christian Seeley 40 years old and living in Rapid City, South Dakota. My athletic pursuits are in 3 different areas of Cycling - mountain biking, road cycling and cyclocross. I had been out of mountain bike racing for 12 years and realized I had missed that aspect of the sport. After getting back into that sport, I've lost 30-40 pounds and I am preparing to enter either the Leadville 100 via the lottery, or if I don’t get in, then solo at the 24 Hours of Moab. Currently my main focus is on mountain biking, but I enjoy all three disciplines. In addition to competitive cycling I also enjoy recreational weight lifting, swimming, hiking and trail building

I work at a Health Food Store called Main Street Market that carries NOW supplements and in fact I am responsible for ordering the NOW products for the store. Since I have a pretty good knowledge base about NOW I am partial to their supplements. They have a high quality standard and match up very favorably to the competition, plus they have great prices. There is a guy that I ride with that works for another supplement company and he is always after me to buy their supplements. I just have to keep telling him “But NOW already has that product”. Some of the NOW products I take are L-Carnitine, Arginine, Omega-3 Fish Oil, B-Vitamins and Amino Acids. In the summer I will also use Whey Protein Isolate for power shakes. With my nutritional regimen I was able to lower my average heart rate AND increase my speed over my morning training course. This ability to give extra effort was what enabled me to be able to take 1 hour off my best time at the Dakota Five- O 50 mile mountain bike race. (Yes, I said 1 hour!)

I enjoy sharing my personal experience with people that I meet about the supplements that I use. I really like NOW and am pleased to be chosen as an Ambassador. It’s always nice being able to support a product line that you use and like and I intend to help build awareness of NOW through my blog, Facebook and Twitter.