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Meet Mark Bennett

Hello, my name is Mark Bennett - 27, and I currently reside in Georgetown, Kentucky. I’m a firefighter and a paramedic, and I take NOW supplements to maintain peak physical fitness as well as good decision-making, which are both key aspects of fire-fighting and emergency response. I have been using NOW products for 5 years and have seen constant physical improvement. During training I cycle with Calcium Pyruvate, Whey Protein Isolate, ZMA, Daily Vits and Fenugreek. I chose NOW because I feel they support my lifestyle and my philosophy – put good in your body and get good out of your body.

I’m dedicated to firefighting and the physical and mental requirements needed to perform in such a dangerous profession, so starting in 2009 I decided to enter the Firefighter Combat Challenge to see how I ranked against the best in my chosen profession. This is my third year of competing in the Challenge. If you’ve ever seen the Firefighter Combat Challenge, then you know that it’s a rigorous and grueling competition. The lifestyle of a firefighter is tough to begin with, but training for, and competing in, the Combat Challenge requires a whole new level of performance that I feel I couldn’t have attained without the help of NOW supplements to fuel my body and my mind. The 2011 season ended with an exciting heat that qualified me for the World Competition, which was aired on ESPN2 November 2011, where my competition time was 1 minute and 42 seconds.

NOW supplements give me more than just a competitive edge, they give me an edge in life. I was recently nominated for the “FedEx Humanitarian Award” for my actions in saving a truck driver from his vehicle after an accident that left the semi leaking fuel and beginning to spark. This happened early in the morning after my shift. I had just woken up and taken my supplements with breakfast. On the road home from work I witnessed the accident and pulled over without hesitation to assist the driver. He needed help extracting himself from the vehicle, and with the situation rapidly deteriorating due to the fuel leak and sparking he needed to get out quickly. I was able to extract the gentleman and get him to safety. Fortunately the truck never caught fire, but it easily could have. I had great training to fall back on in this situation, but I also feel that my healthy nutrition and supplement regimen helped me spring into action and think clearly and quickly, even though it was early morning and I hadn’t been awake very long.

With a background in personal training and sports nutrition, and my experience as a firefighter and paramedic, I feel I can bring unique perspective to the role of NOW Ambassador. I look forward to inspiring others to take better care of their bodies and minds through health and nutrition, and I hope to visit health food stores in my area and motivate others to improve their lives through the power of healthy eating and supplementation. I would definitely recommend NOW products as the perfect supplement choice because of their high quality and affordability.